The Two-Party Political System is Killing Our Country


2-Party System (#2)

by Diane Rufino, January 23, 2018

The two-party system ix exactly what is wrong with our country. It is killing it. It is dividing us. It is causing us to turn on one another. We are no longer neighbors but “R”s” and “D’s.” We barely can tolerate one another. And we certainly don’t see eye-to-eye. Like the judicial system, because there are two sides, it is adversarial in nature and each side will – and must – do anything and everything to win.

Winning is everything. Our humanity and our national fabric is merely collateral damage. We see the disgusting lengths to which criminal defense lawyers go through to get their criminal defendants off. The same is going on in politics. The two parties know that people have no political voice – no political weight – unless they vote en masse. And they also know that when they go to vote, they either have to vote Democrat or Republican in order to make their vote count, meaningfully. So, IF people want to have a meaningful voice in their government, they MUST vote with either one or the other political party. So the parties have incredible power, and they have incredible power over the American voter. They have the power to coerce and indoctrinate. What we see is that they have ceased representing the peoples’ interests and concerns and instead are merely furthering their own political agenda, which is merely their recipe for keeping and concentrating political power. That’s why neither political party really responds to the people and why political promises aren’t kept. Political “promises” are just a way to attract voters to the party but are substantively meaningless. I am a conservative but I politically, I am independent. I no longer work for the Republican Party. I have resigned from the Republican Women and the NC state GOP. I don’t donate to the party and never will. Instead, I work for individual candidates and donated directly, as I see fit. The best political voice I have is in my political activism on behalf of a candidate or in opposition to one. I have a phone and I have a pen. I have a blog and I participate in a political talk radio show. I promote those candidates I believe are legitimate conservatives in my articles, my letters to the Editor, on the radio, on social media, on my nine-or-so blogs, and in outlets such as Beaufort County Now !

I urge everyone to act independently as I have been doing. Help force political parties to work for the people instead of working for itself !!

About forloveofgodandcountry

I'm originally from New Jersey where I spent most of my life. I now live in North Carolina with my husband and 4 children. I'm an attorney
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