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- 2018 (Hair, Sept. 21, 2018)Welcome to my blog “ForLoveofGodandCountry.” As the name suggests, my main focus is God and Country. Both are inextricably linked to individual liberty, which gives true meaning to our lives. Our inalienable rights are endowed upon us by God and our country, the United States, was established to secure those rights from the reaches of government.

My name is Diane Rufino and I run the Eastern North Carolina Tea Party. I’ve run the party since 2009.  I am proud to stand up for the values and principles that our Founders established in our founding documents and for this reason I am dedicated to the tenth amendment movement (nullification, interposition, and secession) and to the Tea Party movement (limited, constitutional government). A subset of individuals will always stand up for Liberty, just as they did during the grand progression of human rights starting with the Magna Carta and ending with the Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773. That simple and peaceful act of civil disobedience by the Sons of Liberty ultimately led to the American Revolution and the creation of an independent and free United States. The Sons of Liberty, our original “radicals,” give us inspiration that the quest for maximum human rights and proper constraints on a government that is already showing signs of tyranny are noble causes worth giving up some time and energy to promote.

I am a scientist, teacher, attorney, writer, blogger, and talk radio show personality.  I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania and my Masters degree in Pathology from Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons. I graduated from Seton Hall Law School and had the last two of my four children while being a student.  Judge Andrew Napolitano was my Constitutional Law professor.  When the recession hit North Carolina in 2009, I lost my job and when it became clear that I would likely be unemployed for awhile, I decided to do a few things.  The first was something I had wanted to do for awhile – get a Masters in Teaching.  I also decided to do two things that I felt would make me a better citizen – study the Bible and study our founding history and founding documents. Every day I learn something new.  As I get older, the proper perspective becomes clearer. The selfishness of youth wears off and you begin to see what’s truly most important in life. Studying history, I’ve come to love and appreciate this country more. That is, I’ve come to appreciate the “idea” of this country. This country has been blessed in so many ways, with the gifts of so many extraordinary people, and we have been squandering, ignoring, and trying to demonize those gifts for too long. The new America that people are trying to create is certainly nothing to be proud of.  If they succeed, then the “shot heard around the world” will be nothing more than a faded dream and a failed experiment.

I understand the challenge to my generation.  Our nation’s ‘greatest generation’ gave birth to people of my era – our nation’s ‘worst generation.’   I am committed to helping to reverse that trend and to educate the next generations of Americans on our founding history and principles so that they will be capable and equipped to help preserve liberty for themselves and future generations.

I apologize that most of the articles I write are long and sometimes detailed, but I like to explain my positions and provide the background for them. I try to connect dots. But occasionally, I am able to write shorter ones !!

I can be reached at crazy_for_the_80s@Reagan.com.


19 Responses to About the Author

  1. Jeffrey Long says:

    Good job, Diane! We thoroughly enjoyed being with your Tea Party group there in G’ville. I am reading your paper on the brief history of all that transpired in California leading up to the adoption of Prop 8 and then its untimely demise at the hands of judge Vaughn Walker. [You are right: you do write lengthy pieces!] It is necessary in this case, however, as not much of meaningful critique–at least that I have seen–has been forthcoming to shed light on this case which is, I believe, a harbinger of what is to come for us all. Do you have this paper on file in format to send to us here so I can share it with others? I think some will be interested in reading it as we approach how to deal with aftermaths, be they positive or negative, from the outcome of our marriage amendment vote on May 8. Thanks, Jeffrey Long, Fayetteville

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  4. John W Evans says:

    Enjoyed your article on “Why Have African-Americans …………”.As a huge fan of David Barton of WallBuilders I enjoyed adding information from you which supplemented his brilliant book “American History in Black and White”. If you are not familiar with his work I strongly suggest you check out his website at http://www.wallbuilders.com.
    I am looking forward to spending more time reading your submissions.
    All the best….

  5. Dan frommelt says:

    Enjoyed this blog. Our federal system is distorted and unfair. Some States are grossly overburdened, others are unjustly rewarded for their incompetence at the expense of other states, all due to an out-of-control federal government.
    Not sure we have the resolve/fortitude to recover. Dan

  6. Anony Mous says:

    Another brain-dead, religiously-hobbled, fascist, anti-American TRAITOR.

  7. John Simpson says:

    As one reads the Declaration of Independence, which is really a legal document, it will become clear that the declaration was not a “revolution” as we’ve been so often told, or heard. George III and the Parliament had, according to the statements listed in the Declaration grossly violated the contracts made with the individual colonies. The colonies were and had been for a while under military duress and occupation…or perhaps better they’d been invaded! Consequently to the contractual violations and the military invasion the Founders declared all contracts null and void and declared themselves to be free. There was no revolution, everything was legal and lawful. The colonies found themselves at war to maintain their legal right to independence.

    • John Simpson says:

      Not certain what “awaiting moderation” refers to; my comments were just an expression of truth concerning an unfortunate name by which we refer to the war for independence. Help!

  8. William Larsen says:

    Ms. Rufino, this is a plea of sorts. I am a conservative, constitutionalist and avid Second Amendment supporter. I have only recently started becoming politically active, but one thing is glaringly apparent. The conservative movement is so dispersed (probably the wrong word as it implies organization) that it is no wonder we can’t seem to get anywhere. I started to build a bookmarks page for conservative groups in North Carolina, starting with http://www.ncteaparty.com, where there was nobody at home. Using google I quickly amassed a huge list. Many were found at MeetUP.com, each with 10-50 members. It is encouraging that there are that many conservatives, but it appears that none of them are pulling together. This is in dire need of fixing, especially with the GOP leadership with its head up its butt.

  9. who called says:

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  10. Impressive bio, Diane. I am in awe of your background plus your tenacity to the founding ideals of this country.!
    Phil Mancuso

  11. Arizona Dui says:

    Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog before but after looking at
    some of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking it and
    checking back regularly!

  12. Hello.This article was extremely remarkable, particularly because I was searching for thoughts on this topic last week.

  13. WOWSER! There is a ton of stuff to go through here. Thanks for all you do.

  14. Jimmy Gay says:

    Question, have you ever read the Declarations of Secession about why the Confederate States seceded?

  15. J MAN says:

    Since you have picked back up the mantle of the Eastern North Carolina TEA Party, the communication has improved dramatically! THANK YOU for your ability (and sustained efforts) to plan, strategize, locate speakers, and COMMUNICATE with members on the times/dates/places of upcoming meetings. It’s really, really, helpful to current / perspective attendees to be able to plan in advance.
    J. McRoy

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