Staunch Conservative Firecracker Sarah Palin ENDORSES Dr. Joan Perry for the US Congress from NC’s Third District

Sarah Palin

    Kinston, NC    Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a staunch conservative and the first Republican female Vice Presidential nominee, endorsed Dr. Joan Perry for Congress in North Carolina’s Third Congressional District. With early voting already underway, the Republican runoff election is July 9th, 2019.
    “Joan Perry is a true conservative,” said Gov. Sarah Palin. “She’s pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Trump movement, and what I like most about her, she’s just plain tough. She’ll stand up to Nancy Pelosi, get government out of healthcare, and help build the wall. As a lifelong Republican and pediatrician who’s helped babies the size of her hand, Dr. Joan Perry is the last thing Nancy Pelosi wants in Congress. That’s why I’m thrilled to endorse her and urge my fellow conservatives to vote for her on July 9th.”
    “Governor Sarah Palin understands conservative values may not be popular in Washington but they’re the foundation of our freedom,” said Dr. Joan Perry. “She stands unafraid and resolute for the good, hardworking people of this country who are under attack daily by the radical left-wing. She led the fight against establishment politicians and wasteful spending in her state and she remains a powerful voice for the right to life and the Second Amendment. I am humbled to receive support from such a strong conservative leader.”
    Dr. Joan Perry is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, where she was one of the first women to earn the Morehead Scholarship. During medical school at UNC, she married her husband, Jimbo, and stayed there for an additional three years to complete her residency in pediatrics. With the birth of her first son during medical school and second son during internship/residency, Joan quickly learned how to juggle the demands of motherhood and a career. Upon residency completion, she moved to Kinston where she and Jimbo added three more sons to the line-up. She later earned appointments to the UNC Board of Governors, Gov. Pat McCrory’s health and human services transition team, and Gov. Jim Martin’s North Carolina Day Care Commission. A dedicated triathlete, she and her husband have housed more than 20 youth and young adults who needed a loving home. They helped to start Grace Fellowship Church over 25 years ago and remain active members today.
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Ph: 252-549-0215

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1 Response to Staunch Conservative Firecracker Sarah Palin ENDORSES Dr. Joan Perry for the US Congress from NC’s Third District

  1. Sarah Palin has certainly stood strong and unwavering for conservative values, and especially the Tea Party principles. Some say she was punished in her political career for it, but she never gave in to the pressure by the damn establishment. As the years have passed and the government under President Obama has continued down the road of ever more government regulation and abuse of its powers, the American people have come to appreciate what the Tea Party has stood for and has been fighting for. The election of Donald Trump is the result of the collective embrace of the Tea Party principles and the old revolutionary spirit which motivates the People to take. their government back. Sarah Palin has stood strong and resilient and classy and respectful since she broke out on the political stage. I have nothing but respect for her. I see the same class and respect and resiliency and fighting spirit in Dr. Perry and I couldn’t be happier that Sarah has recognized those qualities in her. I applaud and am thrilled at this endorsement.

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