The Eastern NC Tea Party Endorses and Supports Dr. Joan Perry for the US Congress from the 3rd District

JOAN PERRY - patriotic pic

The Eastern NC Tea Party is Honored to Endorse and Support Dr. Joan Perry for the US Congress from the 3rd District.

The ENC Tea Party was founded back in 2009 when Tea Party events erupted all over the country to oppose Obama’s economic stimulus package and Democrats’ planned tax increases, all of which had essentially no support from Republicans. Groups like the ENC Tea Party continued to meet and to grow as a protest movement against aggressive and unconstitutional government spending, excessive taxation, and unconstitutional regulation. The group continues to exist today to educate the community, to keep an eye on government, to alert the community and state when there is abuse, and to continue always to remind conservatives of the proper role of government, its legitimate powers, and the duty and responsibility we all have to protect and preserve our republic and our individual liberty for “generations to come and millions yet unborn.”

Many of the Tea Party groups across the state no longer meet or even exist, but that isn’t indicative of an abandonment of the tea party mentality. Rather, it is a testament to how strongly such a mentality is because leaders and members of many groups went on to use their principles to take over the GOP groups, to run for office, or to become full-time activists. The election of Donald Trump was a collective embrace of Tea Party principles and a rejection of big abusive government…. a rejection of the notion that government is the answer to all problems and the caretaker of people intended to be free.

Given the principles upon which the Tea Party stands – limited government, constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, less regulation, lower taxes, robust freedom (the Bill of Rights operates as a ban on government regulation), states’ rights (the Tenth Amendment), national sovereignty (including control of the borders), free markets, and the sanctity of life – there can be no question that Dr. Joan Perry is worthy of its endorsement.

Joan Perry believes in the following, just to emphasis a few important issues:

  • LIFE – A woman’s right to an abortion should never be broad enough to include the murder of an innocent life inside the woman – yes, the baby may still be dependent on its mother, yet it is nonetheless a new and unique life. Every “life” is a person that is entitled to the full protections of our Constitution (including the 14th Amendment) and our laws.
  • THE WALL – Joan considers an impenetrable wall along the southern border an urgent and absolute necessity. She compares the illegal immigration system to a person severely injured in an accident. Before doctors can tend to the wounds and make the individual healthy again, the bleeding must first be stopped. She firmly supports the Presidents Declaration of a National Emergency at the Mexican border and agrees that he indeed has the authority to declare that emergency.
  • IMMIGRATION – The nation’s immigration system is not only broken, but for too long, the federal government, the sovereign which has claimed pre-emption and has asserted sole authority over the matter, has chosen to ignore enforcement of its laws. Add to this willful abdication of authority, the US Congress with complicity from the White House (Obama) has added programs and policies that directly threaten the safety and security of the American people, their communities, and the country in general. Now, after years of willful abdication and years of open borders and chain migration, America’ resources and services are being strained and are hemorrhaging. Joan strongly supports strict E-verify vetting.
  • EDUCATION – Too many of the country’s public schools are failing our young. They are not challenging our students and helping them to be independent leaners and problem-solvers, but rather are encouraging them to memorize and to think exactly as the teachers themselves. As a result, colleges must offer their first-year students remedial courses to teach them to properly read and write, and often to re-teach them math. (These are students that “successfully” completed their high school courses and in many cases, did “well”). Parents need to have options for their child’s education, including more home-school opportunities, charter schools, private schools, and even a vocational track.
  • HEALTHCARE – Joan believes the healthcare system is broken and believes that the soaring cost of healthcare and the rising costs of hospital services, testing, procedures, scans, etc is linked to the fraud that poisons our current healthcare insurance system. [Example: Costs for procedures are much lower for a patient willing to pay out-of-pocket rather than go thru insurance].
  • COURTS – Joan believes strongly that judges must not legislate from the bench, but rather, they must faithfully interpret the Constitution and federal laws without political preconceptions or preferred outcomes. Joan does not believe that the US Constitution is a “living, breathing document” which is quickly becoming another term for a “dead constitution.”
  • GOVERNMENT AGENCIES & REGULATIONS – Joan explains that the more laws and more government programs there are, the less freedom (personal and economic) that the American people have. Individual rights, property rights, and economic opportunities are burdened when government believes it has unconstitutional authority to regulate (everything under the sun), to tax whatever it believes is a profitable source of funds, and to provide endless entitlement programs to those who can, without government programs, take care of themselves.
  • WELFARE & OTHER ENTITLEMENTS – Joan believes there needs to be entitlement reform. The focus of government policy should be to create an environment where companies and businesses flourish and where jobs are plentiful. This way, government helps its people find jobs and employment in order for them to take care of themselves and their families rather than depend on government. Nothing destroys dignity and self-worth more than being dependent on others rather than exercising the freedom and responsibility of pridefully going to work and earning a living.
  • TRUMP’s AGENDA – Joan is looking forward to going to Washington DC to help Trump move his agenda along. She may not always agree with President Trump on how he tweets or insults politicians who frustrate him, but she believes absolutely firmly in what he is doing and trying to do on behalf of this country and on behalf of all its people.
  • SECOND AMENDMENT – Joan is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. “Shall Not Be Infringed” is self-explanatory.
  • TARIFFS – Joan believes, as President Trump does, that the US can no longer continue to be taken advantage of and have its wealth and ingenuity be distributed around the world without anything in return. Every country must pay its fair share and every country must do its fair part.
  • MILITARY – Joan has a special respect and appreciation for those who serve our country and who are willing to give their lives should their service ask it. She is currently in conversations with the military community in the 3rd district to find out where government has been lacking and what she can help address when she gets to Washington DC.
  • FISHING INDUSTRY – Joan has met with Jerry Schill, the president of the NC Fisheries Association, to understand the concerns of the commercial and recreational fisherman in North Carolina and to be able to represent those interests in DC.
  • AGRICULTURE – Agriculture in North Carolina is a complicated issue because it ties in closely with immigration. Joan wants to make sure NC’s agriculture needs are met without taking a soft approach or soft stand on immigration.
  • OPIOID CRISIS & GANGS – Joan knows that the opioid crisis is a crisis directly tied to our open borders. It is inexcusable that last year North Carolina had the second highest number of deaths in the nation due to opioid overdose and it is an affront to our collective humanitarian conscience that so many parents, siblings, children, friends, and neighbors have lost someone they love dearly. Joan will tackle this plague by attacking the immigration crisis and border emergency.

These are just a few issues that Joan has articulated her position on. She is looking forward to talking more about what she stands for and what she plans to do for the various sectors of the 3rd district when she gets to DC in the coming days and weeks.

Again, because of the Tea Party principles stated above and because of the positions articulated by candidate Joan Perry (summed up above), the Eastern NC Tea Party is proud and honored to endorse her for the US Congress. We believe she has the right leanings, has strong religious and conservative foundations (which she was raised with and which she shares with her husband and 5 sons), and has the moral convictions to stand strong and true when she encounters the Swamp in our nation’s capital.

We hope those in the community and in the state will continue to have faith in the ENC Tea Party, and in the North Carolina Tea Party movement in general, that it stands for strong and strict conservatism and that it does its homework in a very disciplined and diligent manner. We hope those in the community will trust the ENC Tea Party when it characterizes a candidate as being “the true conservative.”


The Tea Party movement opposes government spending, taxation, and regulation because it believes that these are how the government infringes on Americans’ personal liberties as outlined in the Constitution. We must never forget that The Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are the three most revolutionary and inspiring documents in the world for they articulate and memorialize individual liberty and create a limited government (ideally). As such they provide hope and inspire free people around the world.

The Tea Party movement understands, as our Founding Fathers did and as did the drafters of our founding documents, that only when government is properly limited (such as by a written, clearly-articulated Constitution), can individuals robustly exercise their God-given rights and the other liberties associated with being free in a free society.

Now, not every person in the United States wants to be free, and we see this over and over again. Not every person is suited to preserve our system of freedom; their conduct in fact, is a very threat to it. But that doesn’t mean that our republic and all it stands for should not be defended and fought for. After all, should our system fail, there just may never be another opportunity for such an existence, such a mighty existence, of freedom on this planet.

And so the Tea Party must be extra vigilante and its members need to be strong activists, each offering their talents in their own ways. Sixty-five percent of Tea Party members are middle-class. This percentage is higher than the nation’s middle-class composition of 50 percent. More than a third or 37 percent are college graduates or have advanced education. Only 25 percent of the country’s population possesses a college or advanced degree. Almost half or 47 percent are members of the Christian right. Many of them are small business people, who must stay profitable despite narrow margins. They see taxes, regulations, and Obamacare as direct threats to their livelihood.

Although Tea Party members consider themselves full members of the Republican Party, they want to move it back to a more pure form of conservatism. They believe that Republicans in general have sold their souls (mostly to lobbyist groups and big money) and betrayed the party platform, thus not standing up for true conservative principles. Members of the Tea Party feel threatened by the new demographics in America, as exemplified by the radical progressives on the left. They sense they are becoming a minority regarding their religion, values, and way of life.


Reference for the Figures Representing the Composition of the Tea Party:  Kimberly Amadeo, “The Tea Party Movement, its Economic Platform, and History,” The Balance, December 19, 2018. Referenced at:

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