by Diane Rufino  (to be presented at the 2014 Pitt County GOP Convention on March 8)


Whereas, on September 11, 2012, four Americans – Ambassador Chris Stevens, Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALS Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods – were brutally murdered in a terrorist attack on the United States diplomatic facility and on American personnel in Benghazi, Libya; and

Whereas, over 15 months year later, the American people have still not received any information as to why military assistance was not rendered and why forces that were willing and ready to fly into Benghazi were told to stand down; and

Whereas, over 15 months later, there has still been no action of reprisal and no justice rendered upon the assailants, even though President Obama declared in his first address to the Nation after news of the attack was received: “Make no mistake, we will work with the Libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people”; and

Whereas, since the very night of the attack, the White House has maneuvered to prevent the truth from emerging on the nature of the attack and why four Americans were left to be slaughtered; and

Whereas, whistleblowers, including former Deputy Chief of Mission to Libya Gregory Hicks, have reported unwarranted repercussions and fear of retaliation by the Obama administration; and

Whereas, the Department of State’s lack of adequate cooperation has prevented congressional committees from properly investigating and receiving direct testimony from the Benghazi survivors; and

Whereas, the People of the United States have a right to know what the President, the State Department, and the Department of Defense knew and when they knew it, why they intentionally declined to send aid to fellow Americans, and why they have intentionally sought to frustrate an investigation into the events of that fateful night.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Pitt County GOP takes the position that the intentional lack of cooperation, honesty, and good faith by the Obama administration with respect to the death of fellow Americans indicates the highest level of dishonesty on the part of the President. We have seen the same degree of dishonesty in two presidents before him – Richard Nixon (who resigned rather than face pending impeachment charges and likely removal from office) and Bill Clinton (who was impeached by the House for perjury and obstruction of justice). Impeachment is the proper action when the President of the United States conducts himself, in the performance of his duties, with such a level of dishonesty that it both disgraces the office, impugns the reputation of the United States, and damages the trust that the American People are entitled to have in their government.

Be it further Resolved that the government’s failure to hold accountable the perpetrators of the vicious terrorist attack of September 12, 2012 will leave terrorists around the world with the impression that they can kill Americans and escape the consequence.  It will thereby embolden terrorist organizations and increase the likelihood of future attacks against our country, against our military and other public servants, and against our citizens.

Be it further Resolved that the Pitt County GOP supports a resolution by the US House of Representatives to demand that the president answer where he was on the night of the attack, and what part he played in telling forces to stand down.  It would also call upon the government of the state of North Carolina to support said resolution.

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I'm originally from New Jersey where I spent most of my life. I now live in North Carolina with my husband and 4 children. I'm an attorney
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