O.P.M. – The Addiction That is Killing America



by Don F. Keel, Greenville, NC

Our politicians have become addicted to O.P.M. (pronounced opium). They have realized the best way to feed their O.P.M. addiction is to become an O.P.M dealer thereby addicting millions of others.  They’ve done this in many cleaver ways.

Politicians will proclaim a business “too big to fail” and give it some O.P.M. as the cure for poor business practices.  The O.P.M. gives a little temporary relief and masks the larger problem of a poor business model.  This in turn enslaves the business to the dealer as the business turns once again for more O.P.M. as the temporary relief wears off.  Naturally the business helps the dealer maintain power as it sees the O.P.M. as its competitive advantage.

Those that are in poverty have also become victims of the O.P.M. dealer.  The dealer gives enough O.P.M. to ease the pain of poverty while at the same time enough to destroy the incentive to work and develop the skills necessary to rise from poverty.  This works perfectly for the dealers as they have created a class of people that are hopelessly addicted to O.P.M.  They are then enslaved and vote in mass for the dealer that promises the most O.P.M.

There are trillions of dollars of earned income confiscated and immediately turned into O.P.M., much of it taken under the promise that it will be returned to you during your retirement or will be used to defray medical cost as you age.  This money is immediately turned into O.P.M for current consumption, thereby creating another generation of O.P.M. addicts.

Of course, O.P.M stands for “Other People’s Money” and the dealers are our politicians.

You must fight to be free or be content to be slaves to the O.P.M dealer, because you can’t be both.


About forloveofgodandcountry

I'm originally from New Jersey where I spent most of my life. I now live in North Carolina with my husband and 4 children. I'm an attorney
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