Should Obama Be Impeached ?






I believe it’s time for Obama to go.  I believe he needs to be forcibly removed from Office, and with the very same gusto that he is forcibly trying to change this nation.  I’d like to see him fade into the sunset, but having him booted out on his righteous ass is just as appealing.

He is destroying this country.  He is destroying the very (natural) institutions that have made this country great, such as the free-market system and capitalism, and even the very notion of natural selection (rewards go to those who develop their minds and talents and work hard).   He is destroying the Constitution – the very document he swore to uphold.  He is destroying the very country he has promised to protect.  He is empowering the people who do not deserve to be empowered.  He respects those who do not deserve respect and he disrespects those who deserve respect.   His ideology is in direct opposition to the principles on which this country was founded and the mindset he represents and encourages is the mindset that intends to negate and destroy every sound and productive concept on which our nation was founded.  The man sitting in the White House is a dangerous man who should be impeached – for liberty’s sake.

Obama’s handling of the healthcare reform bill sums up what he stands for – bullying tactics designed to redistribute wealth and take power away from the States (where it is closest to the people’s interests) to grow the federal government’s power. The clear majority of Americans let their voices be known. They took every peaceful measure possible to sent their message to Congress.  Over 55% didn’t want this bill. Less than 45% were in favor.  The majority opposed to the Healthcare reform bill was probably greater than the majority won to claim the Presidency. Yet we all remember the mandate he believed he derived from that slim majority. How many times did we hear him arrogantly claim that he will proceed with his agenda despite opposition because “I won the election. The people have spoken.”  How many times did he disregard attempts to work with Republican members of Congress because of this very mentality ?  It wasn’t necessary to “work” with anyone because after all, he won the election and he had a mandate.  So now the numbers aren’t in his favor.  And they haven’t been since he started pushing for healthcare reform.  But that didn’t stop him from holding closed-door (non-transparent) sessions, threatening and bribing Congressmen, making deals and threatening to ruin careers…. Chicago-style politics.   I am disgusted that our President went that extra mile to secure votes from Congressmen who in their heart of hearts originally didn’t want to cast them. I’m disgusted that he went that extra mile to rob the American people – good, responsible, tax-paying citizens – of their voice in government.

Obama is intent on ignoring the will of those Americans who through taxes and conduct support this great nation and he is intent on substituting his vision and judgment instead.  That is not a Republic, my friends. That’s the way the fascist and socialist countries of Europe and South America began.  And if we can’t use our collective wisdom and our good judgment and if we can’t summon the love for our country and the respect we have for the system our Founding Founders and patriots fought so hard to give us and protect, to recognize the destructive path we are on, then we will surely end up facing the decay that the oppressive and socialist regimes of Europe have suffered.

Those members of Congress who represent the passion of people who are committed to preserving this nation should draft articles of impeachment against Obama.  If nothing else, it will crush his enormous ego and perhaps it will be enough to allow him to float back to Earth where he can listen to what the “common man” has to say.

“In a world where the government ultimately funds and thereby controls the political activity of the governed, I believe we would sooner or later live in Madison’s nightmare, which is a world in which the government controls the governed who in turn have been deprived of the means to control the government.”      —  The Cato Institute

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I'm originally from New Jersey where I spent most of my life. I now live in North Carolina with my husband and 4 children. I'm an attorney
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